Oglethorpe Gallery is pleased to present Transcendentia, a group show featuring artists Arend Neyhouse, Grace Stevens and Julia Soehngen-Roos on Nov. 11th 2016. The opening reception will be on Friday, November 11th from 6-9pm. The event is free and open to the public.


Transcendentia will showcase the works of Arend Neyhouse, Grace Stevens and Julia Soehngen-Roos unified through the theme of existence or experience beyond the physical level. Neyhouse’s paintings respond to the urban environment. He delves into the ideas of isolation brought about by our ever-increasing interface with technology. His work highlights the connective nature of being “plugged in” and the sense of togetherness this can bring about. Stevens is exploring the sublime beauty in creation through representational paintings. Her work focuses on the early morning hours, looking at the first light of day and examining how the night fades and the light of dawn loses the darkness. Soehngen-Roos’ work investigates the moment of surfacing from an abysmal darkness into tranquil light. Through painting, she explores the tangible and imaginable, merging the lines of both representation and abstraction. This exhibition encourages viewers to contemplate these moments of transcendence.